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Thursday, January 2, 2014

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Chapter

It's official, Dallin and I are home owners! We started building in August and never thought the time to move in would come. With the busy holidays and me being a part of the Pickleville playhouse Christmas production we are SPENT! We are so tired but the excitement of being in a new house makes the exhaustion tolerable. We spend every moment we can being home, which is very strange because when we lived in our apartment we did the complete opposite. I've decided there is nothing like a new house of your own. We go to bed and wake up with smiles ear to ear! We love our neighborhood and especially love our new ward. We even have a calling already, primary teachers...Go figure! We love the little one's where ever we go so I think it's just the place we need to be. I love new beginnings with my sweetie. Dallin, I love you with all of my heart. Thanks for giving me such a great life. XOXO

Christmas has already come and gone are you serious? We were so busy I felt like I missed it all. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a dancer in a Pickleville Playhouse Christmas play. Juanito Bandito's Christmas was the name of the production and it was HILARIOUS. The cast consisted of TJ Davis, Jordan Brown, Luke Shepherd, Me and six other dancers. It was the time of my life and I've never worked with such talented professionals in my life. I walked out after our last performance almost in tears because it had been such a wonderful experience. I didn't want to leave all the friends I had made. Check em out and see for yourself http://www.picklevilleplayhouse.com/banditochristmas/our-cast.html
It was a lot of hard work but so worth it! THANKS PICKLEVILLE PLAYHOUSE!

Besides all of the Holiday madness we had some birthdays for some pretty amazing people in my life. Dallin turned 28 this year!!! He celebrated by coming to one of my performances in Salt Lake and afterwards we went to the cheesecake factory and stuffed our faces with dessert. To make the day even more special we closed on our house...FINALLY!
Dallin is my best friend...Truly. The world wouldn't be the same without him and neither would I! To celebrate his birthday is celebrating my life as well because I would be nothing without him. Happy Birthday Honey XOXO 

Arrived on December 18th! Of course with Baylee being the mother it didn't take long once contractions started for her big arrival. Everyone is so in love with her already. Thank goodness for skype is all I can say! Luckily I don't have to wait until the summer to meet her, Bay is flying out my Mom and I on January 24th. How awesome is that? I sure love my Carroll's in Madrid! 

I love this time of year! It's a great time to reflect on your life and count your blessings. I hope everyone has had a great year, I know I have. The lord continues to bless so here's to achieved success and setting new goals for 2014. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Autumn 🍁

Wow it's been so crazy lately I can hardly think back on what has happened in the past month. The most exciting news happened on October 18th early in the morn. Lisa brought baby Violet Anne into this world!!! Only 5.2 lbs but cute as can be. Lisa was a champ and Ken was at her side the entire time. I think she looks like the twins but everyone says she looks like miss Ellie. I just love her to pieces. Lorie was able to visit us for a short time from Guatemala and what a blessing that was. We miss her and Ed so much. We are so grateful for their sacrifice and feel the blessings from it daily. 

Dallin and I are officially one month away from moving into our new home! Painting is right around the corner and then carpets and floors. I can't believe we are getting so close. Christmas in a new house is going to be great. 

Halloween is approaching...it's tomorrow! This past weekend we were all able to watch Maddi in her "howl" performance with her dance team at USU! She is such a great dancer and has come so far in her dancing career. Note to Maddi: Maddi I'm so proud of you! I love watching you dance. Your passion truly comes through in your dancing. I love you and I'm such a proud sissy. Xoxo

I love this time of year! It's officially my favorite. The colors, smells, weather...I LOVE it all. As the holidays approach it's a good time to relax and enjoy life before the chaos. Have some apple cider and sit by the fire...crazy time is approaching. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Full Monte! 26.2 miles

Well I did it! After weeks of training and 400 miles later I made it to my race. I ran the full Huntsville, Utah marathon on September 28th. It started at Monte Cristo, way up into the mountains and at a chilled 30 degrees. At 6:30am buses shuttled us up to the starting line and there we waited until 9:00 to begin our long journey to the bottom. My first 9 miles ZOOMED by! The scenery was amazing. I wish I would have been able to capture all of the beauty around me but I was way too focused on my breathing and time. Once the excitement wore off a bit I started feeling a little tired. At mile 13 I gagged down some strawberry banana GU! YUCK! It was nasty but I got going and feeling good right after. Sugar and caffeine will do that to a person. I stopped at every water station to hydrate and even laughed a little along the way. Great runners, great course and an awesome experience until...mile 23. It went on...and on...and on...and on. At one point I just closed my eyes, said a prayer and fought through. My legs were cramping up and I was exhausted. After mile 25 the finish line was in sight! Had I not been so dehydrated I think tears would have fallen to the road. What an exciting emotional experience it was to cross the finish line! Dallin and my Mom were there cheering me on and it felt great. Baylee even got to see me cross the finish line via Skype. Running a marathon has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I will never forget it and I will never forget the people who helped me get there. I love my husband and sweet family for all their love and support. On to the next challenge! XOXO

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Rawlings XOXO

My baby sister is married! WHAT? It was such a wonderful day to spend with our families. On September 20th Maddi married her sweetheart for time and all eternity in the Logan temple. Maddi married Riley Rawlings from Preston, Idaho. He is such a great guy and is a wonderful addition to the crazy Roche bunch. They are both working and going to school in Logan so they are close by, so close in fact that they are our neighbors! Colonial village apartments welcomes another newly wed couple. Until our house is built in Smithfield Maddi and I just live a few doors away. Jaycee should retire and move here too don't ya think? Then all the Roche sisters could be together! Ha ha Bay would love that;) we are so excited for Maddi and Riley! Thanks to everyone who was a part of the big day and helped us out. It was PERFECT <3

Summer is officially over now that the wedding is over:( Baylee and the girls left for Spain once again. The night before they leave is the absolute worst! Goodbyes do not get easier and I think all of us thought that it would over time. Between the Carroll's in Spain and my in-laws in Guatemala I am so sick of saying goodbye! I could never do what I see Baylee go through. If you know me you know that I am a home body. When I am away from my family I am not myself. I'm not very well on my own, quite opposite from Baylee. She is miss independent and I look up to her for that and many other reasons. Baby #3 makes her appearance in December and she is going to rock it! I love you sissy thanks for a great summer. 

Today I am missing the Carroll's and Dallin!!!! Dallin is in California on a business/vacation trip with his co-workers. On Saturday they all went to the USC vs. USU football game! Sadly our Aggies lost but the guys are still having a great time. Dallin has taken lots of fun pictures and I'm happy to see him having a good time. It's now been three days without him...so it's time to come home! 

The house is coming right along! Check it out:) 
We are very blessed and happy to be where we are in our lives. There is much to look forward to in the next couple months! Lisa is having her baby girl on the 18th and Lorie is coming on the 15th. There are no words that can describe my excitement for these upcoming events! I just want to jump up and down when I think about it. Lisa is just OWNING her pregnancy. She made 2,000 cookies and did all the refreshments for Maddi's wedding 8 months pregnant. Who does that? Did I mention she can still run? Yeah...like 7 miles. She is a rock star and I'm so thankful for her example in my life. 
Dancing has started up again and my marathon is on Saturday. To say I'm overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement. I'm overwhelmed in a very positive way though...if that makes sense. Life is full of opportunities and if we can take them all I imagine we will all be a little crazy. Crazy blessed, crazy good, crazy loved. It's a crazy life! 
Love the Watts' 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Manners matter

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking to a group of Young women about proper etiquette. It was so much fun, I truly enjoyed myself teaching these girls and sharing experiences about being a lady (I may have learned more than they did) anyways I came up with a list of "10 gentle reminders" to help young ladies become more proper and lady like. Check it out and pass it on! XOXO